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Natural Hair Methods

"Do you want to learn the tips, tricks & techniques to maintaining natural hair OR learn how to do your own trendy natural hair styles at-home?

...Today starts a new day on your journey to perfecting your own beautiful natural hair and doing away with straighteners, relaxers, wigs and weaves. Whether you are thinking about transitioning to natural hair or already are 'natural' and just looking for hair styles, routines and tips to maintaining your existing natural hair...

Natural Beauty Specialist, Hair Stylist, and Former
"Bad Perm" Sufferer Teaches YOU How-To:

Maintain Natural Hair Over a Long Period of Time

Wash, Condition, Detangle and Color Natural Hair At-Home

Discover an Abundance of DIY Natural Hair Styles

Even Transition to Natural Hair via "The Big Chop"

Choose the Right Products for Hair Growth & Thickness

Use Tools At-Home to do Your Own Hair Saving Time & Money

Improve Your Hair Health, Appearance and Life!

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Discover How I Overcame the Pressure to Have Relaxed
Hair and Went on to Teach Thousands of Women
Worldwide to Style & Maintain Natural Hair Easily

Even If:

You Are Addicted to Chemically Relaxed Straightened Hair

You've Never Had to Deal With Natural Hair or Don't Know How

You Are Worried About Looking Less Feminine With Natural Hair

You Don't Have Time to Manage Natural Hair

You Think You Can't Afford To Pay For Natural Hair Care

by Renee Brown- Author, Entreprenuer, and Natural Beauty Specialist

Dear Friend,

Renee Brown of Natural Hair Methods Are you as frustrated as I was with having relaxed hair? The hours spent on maintenance, not to mention the money put into styling your hair. And your still not happy with your look despite all your efforts?

If you answered yes then this may be the most important message you'll ever read. I know exactly how you feel, because I have been there and I fought my own hair for years.

For some of us, it feels that every morning is a struggle with our hair. And each day is another day in the battle for "good hair"; hair that is long and flowing like a Disney princess. It's a battle that we feel we are never going to win. Try as we might, straighteners, relaxers, wigs and weaves can never quite create the effect that we are hoping for...

My name is Renee Brown and over the past 5 years I have developed a no nonsense, 100% guaranteed, salon approved at-home natural hair care blueprint including an e-Book and video tutorials that is backed by 100's of hours of research and investment through many days of trial and experimentation, showing you the methods, styles, products, and tools to get the natural hair look you have always wanted, but never knew existed...

You have just discovered a highly effective natural hair at-home hair care package which shows you step-by-step exactly how to maintain, style, color or even transition to beautiful natural hair!

I'm going debunk the most common myths and misconceptions about natural hair and reveal the truths you need to know about relaxers! It is a big change for you to make the decision to go natural, and if you have already have natural hair I will help you gauge the pros and cons of living life with your natural hair healthy & chemical free.

Going natural is one thing...but staying natural is another, so I would like to put the focus on how to maintain natural hair and learn how to be versatile with it.

Learn about my battle with kinky hair and the struggle to stay natural. I have collected many secrets, tips and tricks to natural hair throughout the years and made this complete Natural Hair Care Package, just for you!

Not only does natural hair look and feel great but you will feel fabulous once you are shown the proper natural hair care methods for maintaining and keeping that certain look.

There are tons of styles and techniques for keeping your hair natural. This is a mistake many women make when going natural, they try a handful of styles without proper instruction, products or tools, get frustrated and give up. I won't let you do that!

Does This Resemble Your
Current Hair Routine?

Spending LOTS OF MONEY on hair appointments

Frustration with Washing and Detangling your hair

Dealing with large or small amounts of Breakage

Difficulty making your Hair Style last for longer than a day

Feeling clueless as to what to do with your hair

I'll Teach You How-To Save
Money & Gain Beautiful
Natural Hair By:

Saving LOTS OF MONEY and doing your hair At-Home

Learning proper Washing and Detangling techniques

Preventing Breakage with Protective Hair Styles

Discovering how to make styles last thru days 1, 2, 3

Knowing how to Maintain Natural Hair morning & night

Success Story #1: Sasha

"Natural Hair Methods E-Book and Website
are informative, indepth resources for the
seasoned natural, and the new natural alike."

Sasha Shae Renee's friendly approach to topics like washing your hair, how to better maintain it, how to grow it longer and overall packed with fun tutorials on cute hairstyles and techniques. This E-book, and certainly the members website will not disappoint you. Being a blogger on natural hair care amongst other topics, I find that I frequently login to the site to check out the videos on hairstyle options.

Natural Hair Methods is a fun way to approach caring for your natural tresses.

-- S. Shaw
Creator of AfroniquelyYou.com

Success Story #2: Jennifer

"Thanks for helping me go natural
by encouraging me to do the big chop
and let go of my processed hair"

I've never felt comfortable with my hair, trying everything from sew-ins to micro braids. My hair began to break excessively and I didn't know what to do. I had been going back and forth between going natural, but never went through with it. I finally did it and I just want to say thanks for helping me go natural by encouraging me to do the big chop and let go of my processed hair.

I have never been so free!

--Jennifer (North Carolina, NC)

Success Story #3: Shandrea

"I am so glad that I decided to
join Natural Hair Methods."

ShandreaWhen I first began going natural I had no idea really of what I was doing. I just knew that I wanted healthy hair without having to use chemicals anymore, and honestly save a lil money on getting a relaxer every month.This site has shown me that there is so much more to having natural hair than I'd known. Not just maintenance of it , but how fun natural hair can be with different idea's on styling, coloring your hair, and adding accesories, that it's not only the products that you use but what you put in your body as well(and I learned that last part during the free 5 day mini course).I've been all through google and you tube trying to find products and styles and I've found that and much more right here at natural hair methods. The e-book alone is worth the membership fee.

So I must say this is the best money you can spend on you.

--Shandrea (Houston, TX)

The Problem: I'll Teach You
the TRUTH About Relaxers

You or Someone You Know
Has Probably Experienced:

Burning scalp with possible redness and further irritation...

Thinning hair or bald spots leading to a receding hairline...

Lack of hair growth due to damage...

Loss of money due to expensive hair salon visits & styling products...

Lack of time due to constant hair maintenance and upkeep...

We all know that burning sensation that occurs when your relaxer has been left on a bit too long. Afterwards we didn't mind because our hair looked like Barbie's hair! But there are more and more horror stories everyday of black women who have developed bald spots or worse, a receding hairline due to years of using chemical hair relaxer.

After an extensive amount of research on relaxers, I've come to discover that the chemical ingredients in relaxers are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. If you thought a burning scalp and minor breakage were the worst side effects from relaxer you are in for a surprise!

And in this economy, what about the financial toll put on you by having to constantly visit the beauty salon and buying various styling products to "force" your hair to do what you want! Not to mention the hours upon hours of maintenance involved with basically beating down the kinks in your hair until your hair is "acceptable".

Are There Really Health
Concerns With Hair Relaxers?

The side effects of hair relaxer are so numerous, burning scalp, hair dryness and permanent hair damage not to mention the real side effects to your overall health caused by hair relaxer!

Hypertension in black women has shown to be potentially related to chemicals in hair relaxer and some scientists still consider it a feasible that toxic chemicals may be absorbed through the scalp in sufficient amounts to increase the risk of various other adverse health effects, including cancers.

Ask yourself is it really worth it to continue doing this to your hair?

The Solution: Healthy, Strong,
Beautiful Natural Hair!

Let Me Teach You How-To
Gain The Following

Healthier, Stronger, Shinier Hair

A Less Hassle-Free Lifestyle

More Money In My Pockets

Beautiful Natural Hair & A Great Self-Esteem!

Now I love my hair. I don't even feel a tinge of jealousy when I see someone with a long straight weave. I know that it is a costly, fake way of getting the look that they want. The hair I have is all my own it is unique, and it looks good.

Success Story #4: Kelita

"It taught me that I don't have to spend tons of money trying out every product. There are simple rules
to finding the right products..."

I thought I knew everything about natural hair, having gone natural 5 years ago. I wish I had this book when I first went natural because it taught me that I don't have to spend tons of money trying out every product. There are simple rules to finding the right products for our hair. Natural Hair Methods suggested products that have moisturized my hair better than ANYTHING I've tried before.

Thank you for making this!

--Kelita (Toronto, Canada)

Success Story #5: Danica

"...helped me experiment with more
hairstyles than I had ever imagined"

As a natural for 7 years I was happily surprised that the Natural Hair Methods system helped me figure out which products works best for my hair and helped me experiment with more hairstyles than I had ever imagined. I was so used to only doing wash-n-go that I never took the time to learn anything else. Now I change it up each week wearing three strand twists, updos, and even mohawks! Thanks for helping me change things up!

Thank you so much!

--Danica (Birmingham, England)

I've found the secret to going natural and staying natural, so you won't have to make the mistakes I have made.

It has been a hard journey to reach this place, but one that I would not change for anything. I hope that the NHM System can help you get started on the journey towards happiness with you own natural hair. Remember to enjoy your hair, be confident in who you are, and MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE!


Natural Hair Methods e-Book

"Natural Hair Methods"

The Only Natural Hair Care How-To e-Book in Existence That Will Teach YOU How to Maintain, Style, Color & Transition to Natural Hair Successfully!

Natural Hair Methods includes an instantly downloadable ebook which provides you with step-by-step procedures for going, maintaining, and staying natural. We include tips on shampooing, styling, steaming, dealing with the weather seasons, protective hairstyles, maintaining twistouts, feminizing after the big chop, nighttime routines, and much much more. If you are natural or have thought about going natural, this ebook is what you've been waiting for. Teach yourself about your hair, teach your kids, then spread the word to friends and family!

Also includes...

Natural Hair Methods Video Tutorials

"Natural Hair Methods"
Video Tutorials

Exclusive step-by-step Video Tutorials starting with Natural Hair 101, Hair Styles, Hair Routines, and much more!
(updated monthly)

To compliment the Natural Hair Methods eBook we have put together video tutorials showing you exactly how to style and care for your natural hair. Don't worry if you have no idea what to do with your natural hair, in the natural hair 101 section of the NHM membership site, we take you step by step and teach you how to twist, trim and even detangle your hair. In the natural hairstyles section we cover two strand twistouts, frohawks, braidouts, three strand twists, blow drying, updos, puffs, & more. In the natural hair routines section you'll learn information such as what to do at night to make your curls last longer, and also how to wear your hair when working out! We even cover how to maintain your curls by showing you what to do on days 2, 3, and 4! When you are able to see the detailed steps involved when working with your natural hair you will be more comfortable trying new techniques and styles.

What Natural Hair Methods
Can do for you

Natural Hair Methods is One of a Kind Natural Hair Course - Natural Hair Methods is a uniquely developed plan for caring for natural hair that is unlike anything available on the internet, in a store, or at the hair salon. You will not find such a comprensive do-it-yourself creation of natural hair truths and misconceptions along with techniques for taming and then creating an eventual beatification of natural hair.

Natural Hair Methods is Truly Natural and Safe - Natural Hair Methods will allow you to escape the unhealthy, hair damaging side effects of relaxers and break-free to unleash the true shine, strength and beauty of your hair.

Natural Hair Methods was Created by a Former "Bad Perm" Sufferer - Ever since I was a preteen I struggled with my kinks and curls. This system was not developed in a lab. And as you know by now, hair salons and hair products can be extremely expensive and plagued with painful procedures and harmful chemicals. I follow what is taught in the Natural Hair Methods package myself each and every day. I practice what I preach and am an honest woman. Everything you read, view and apply was developed under my personal overview, research and experience.

Natural Hair Methods Addresses The Issue of Maintaning Natural Hair Long Term - One of the biggest problems we found when developing the Natural Hair Methods instructional system was women who go natural struggle to keep their natural hair over a long period of time and eventually give in to relaxing and straigtening their hair. By approaching all the issues and questions women have in regards to hair maintenance, Natural Hair Methods teaches easy to follow guides and video tutorials to permanently rid the fear of transitioning or keeping natural hair long term. Thus you can enjoy the freedom, beauty and great self esteem that goes along with natural hair while you...

Start Today And You'll
soon discover:

The Right Techniques for Maintaining Natural Hair

An Abundance of Today's Top Natural Hair Styles

The Correct Products to Use for Your Hair

Hair Styling Secrets for Making Your Style Last

Hair Treatments for Better Texture & Density

Tools to Create the That Beautiful Hair Style

The Proper Methods for Transitioning to Natural Hair

Grow Healthy & Strong Hair by Following the Natural Hair Diet

Shampoo, Condition & Detangle Your Hair Properly

Trim Your Own Hair At-Home

New Innovations for Coloring Natural Hair

Routines to Protect and Prolong Hairstyles

And a Whole Lot More..

And believe me...we are just getting started! Natural Hair Methods is so much more than just an "e-book" - it is a complete chemical free instructional plan for sure-fire freedom from straighteners, relaxers, wigs and weaves and all non natural hair methods - possibly the most comprehensive natural hair care plan that has ever been created.

No stone will be left unturned, as mentioned you will receive access to complete extended video tutorials for many natural hairstyles available to go along with the proper products, nutrition and tools to achieve that natural look you are after. Best of all you can download the complete NHM package immediately!

How Much Does This Complete
At-Home Natural Hair Course cost?

Natural Hair Methods is by far the most extensive and effective step-by-step course for learning the in's and out's of natural hair care that you will find ANYWHERE. You will be given the complete information to break free from the chains of harmful chemical based relaxers or switching out weaves and wigs. Finally learn how you should treat your natural hair to style and cut it in a way that suits you all the while.

For a very limited time Natural Hair Methods will be offered for a ONE-TIME payment of only $29.95. This represents an enormous savings in both time and money.

You will receive a complete step-by-step package featuring a natural hair manual and video tutorials to getting the natural hair you really want and what you need to maintain it successfully.

Feel free to email me with any questions you might have at: CustomerService@NaturalHairMethods.com

Please try Natural Hair Methods for 2 full months. If you're not thrilled with your results, then I want you to simply write and tell me, and I'll send you a prompt and courteous, no questions asked, 100% refund.

On the other hand, if the Natural Hair Methods hair care course helps you with your transition to natural hair and/or maintaining it successfully, then I want you to e-mail me your success story or testimonial to tell me about the results you achieved - and tell all your friends and family about it too!

Order Today & You'll Also Receive
The Following FREE Bonuses
Worth Over $250.00!

Natural Hair Methods membership

When you purchase Natural Hair Methods today you will be given a username and password granting you FREE lifetime access to the NHM members area. Whenever new content is added to the NHM e-Book and NHM video tutorials you will have access to it immediately as we try to stay on top of the latest trends and styles for natural hair. You will never have to pay for continued access to Natural Hair Methods, you will be granted lifetime access!
Value: Normally $120 Per Year - Yours FREE

Natural Hair Methods product discounts

As a thank you for purchasing Natural Hair Methods we have aligned with several of the top up and coming natural hair product companies to offer you exclusive discounts you won't find anywhere else!
Value: $100 Yours FREE

Coconut Oil Benefits

Coconut oil is one of the best known types of natural nutrition for hair, and provides additional benefits for your skin, stress levels, weight loss, digestion, heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, and bone strength. Knowing the secrets revealed in this e-Book will improve your overall health and will be an important step in helping you strengthen your hair naturally
Value: $15 Yours FREE

Natural Hair Herbal Cures

There are many ailments which can affect the quality of your hair. The Natural Herbal Cures & Remedies e-Book will show you the natural herbal cures and remedies used to treat illness and disease for hundreds of years...STOP using unnecessary drugs and pills, and learn the natural cures doctors never informed you about!
Value: $30 Yours FREE

Get Beautiful Natural Hair or get 100%
Money-Back Guaranteed

Please try Natural Hair Methods for 2 months. Go through the entire system completely. If your not satisfied with the results, then all you need to do is simply write me and tell me in an email, and I'll send you a prompt and courteous, no questions asked 100% refund.

However, if the Natural Hair Methods helps you transition to natural hair and maintain natural hair long term helping you feel confident, look great and live healthier than ever before, than I want you to e-mail me your "natural hair success story" mentioning the results you've achieved and how this system has helped you! Don't be shy about telling your friend about it either ;)

Get INSTANT ACCESS to the Members Area - 24 hours a day.

ONE-TIME Risk Free Payment of $29

Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes Natural Hair Methods different? I can find natural hair care advice online for free!
Of course you can! But, believe me I have spent HUNDREDS of dollars and hours researching natural hair sites, buying expensive hair products and simply doing trial and error, using my own hair as an experiment. I can honestly admit that though there are a few good sites that provide information and knowledge on going natural, NOTHING is even close to what I can offer you. THERE IS NOTHING like this out there yet!!

You may search 50 different websites before coming across the exact information and knowledge that you need regarding natural hair. I provide everything you need in one course.

Is Natural Hair Methods available in my country?
Natural Hair Methods is available worldwide, we have NHM members from all over the planet!Natural Hair Methods available worldwide

What if I am not pleased with the Natural Hair Methods course?
If for ANY reason you are not happy with your Natural Hair Methods lifetime membership, we will give you a 100% guaranteed refund! You have 60 days to ....... So you have NOTHING to lose!

How fast can I start this? I'm ready!
Immediately! We have set everything up so that you don't even have to leave your computer. With our easy INSTANT ONLINE DOWNLOAD, you can start your journey to beautiful natural hair today! No Waiting, Shipping or Handling, and at any time of day!

Will this work on my computer?
Sure thing :) The Natural Hair Method e-Book and video tutorials can be opened on any PC operating system or any MAC operating system as well as your mobile device such as an iPad.

Are Your Ready To Get Started?

If your really ready to get started with learning more about how-to maintain, style, color or even transition to Natural Hair, then I'm sure you want to know what the next step to get started is, right? I'm pleased to say that you will be given immediate access to the Natural Hair Methods members area once you get your NHM membership which will allow you to download the Natural Hair Methods e-Book, view the Natural Hair Methods video tutorials, and take advantage of the exclusive product disounts! And if you see this message it means our special introductory discount of $29.95 (one-time only payment) is still available!

The last thing I want to do is sound like a salesman, however I know that the SOONER you take action, the sooner you'll be happier with your hair then ever before and at the end of the day that's what this is all about - HAVING BEAUTIFUL NATURAL HAIR!

Now I truly can't guarantee that this special intro discount will be available past midnight either, so if you come back tomorrow or the next day I wouldn't want you to find the price is back to original retail value, as there is little that can be done at that point. Just be sure that if you are here today, and want to start your complete natural hair journey, take advantage of this special - NOW!

--> Check out your very limited offer below.

Natural Hair Methods

Login & View The Complete Course Instantly!

Yes, I'm finally ready to achieve beautiful natural hair.

Provide me access to the Natural Hair Methods e-Book

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I would like to take advantage of this offer today!

Yes, include the Lifetime Membership. $120 Per Year - Yours FREE!

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Yes, include the Coconut Oil e-Book. $15 Value - Yours FREE!

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Natural Hair Methods payment methods
Natural Hair Methods Learn At-Home Natural Hair Care
ONLY $79.96 -- Now ONLY $29
Order Your Natural Hair Methods Membership

PS: Remember, when you order Natural Hair Methods, it’s backed by a 100% money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

PPS: Sometimes you are given the chance to make creative changes in your life and opportunities knock when we least expect them to, people who truly enjoy life recognize when these opportunities present themselves---especially the one’s like Natural Hair Methods, which guarantees that you’ll get beautiful natural hair that in no time -

Right now, the opportunity to improve your hair health and quality forever is present.....All you need to do, is reach out, and grab it!

Please don’t torture your hair with straighteners, relaxers, wigs and weaves any longer, Claim Your SPECIAL Discount Now >>

ONLY $49.96 -- Now ONLY $29

Few things on this earth come close to the beauty of a black woman's natural hair!

Do not pass this opportunity by, with the NHM system you get the Natural Hair Methods eBook, over step-by-step video tutorials, free lifetime membership (we are constantly adding more tutorials and content), and exclusive product discounts for members only
- all for just $29 (There are only a few FREE Lifetime Membership spots remaining, once they are gone there will be a monthly membership fee for access to NHM).

So don't wait. Join today! I can't wait to hear your natural hair story!


Renee Brown
Creator of Natural Hair Methods
Author, Entreprenuer and "Natural Beauty Stylist"

Start the Natural Hair Methods Course Now Click Here>>

NOTE: Natural Hair Methods™ is a paid course providing an eBook in PDF format, video tutorials, product discounts and exclusive information for view and download in the members area. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book, stream the video tutorials and access all the other bonuses from your computer. The e-book format is in adobe acrobat PDF format, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.


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